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Who We Are

ConnectedSky Legal & Corporate Consultants Limited (hereinafter referred to as “ConnectedSky”) is a limited liability company duly incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Cyprus and is registered under registration number HE259274. ConnectedSky is regulated by the Cyprus Bar Association under License Number 524 and is considered by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission as an Eligible Person to conduct Fiduciary, Trust and other Administrative Business under the Law regulating companies providing administrative services and related matters of 2012. 

Although ConnectedSky was founded in 2009, it started proper operations in 2011. Today ConnectedSky is a global provider of professional services ranging from corporate, legal, and tax advisory to risk management, assurance, and industry inside help thereby, offering an effective solution to the needs of businessmen, corporate bodies and any other institution. Through ConnectedSky’s team of experienced and well-educated professionals as well as its wide international network, a “one stop shop” package of service and solutions can be offered to our local and international clients. Therefore, we are proud to say that ConnectedSky advises some of the world’s major international players and financial institutions while offering the same level of attention and commitment to smaller local and international clients. 

Our understanding of today’s and tomorrow’s business is based on the increased need for instant access to some well-structured and effective assistance through a connected approach in order to provide our clients with a complete package of tailor-made solutions. Thus, we are always happy to assist our current and potential clients to successfully cope with present and future challenges and to accomplish things where sky is limit!

Our Values

We value our clients’ accomplishments in the same way we value ours. We have a great respect for their aims and ambitions, and we will never compromise on things such as safeguarding their interests, promoting what is best for them and their company. We at ConnectedSky pay great attention to the details and this is one of the things which distinguishes us from competition. In essence, our approach is that “We Grow When You Grow”. Consequently, all of our clients receive specialized individual services that have been tailored to their particular needs and we value in the same way each and every individual relationship we build with our clients, irrespective of size. In order to ensure that each client receives the highest level of service at all times, we only recruit highly qualified people, which meet the high professional and ethical standards of ConnectedSky. 

Our People

Teamwork and optimistic spirit are one of the many things that characterize our people. Our team of experts is always ready and enthusiastic in finding a tailor-made solution for our clients and their company. We know how important it is for our clients to have their personal professional consultant instead of having a distant and impersonal advisor. We also acknowledge that our clients come from various backgrounds and how important it is for them to know that someone is familiar with their company’s line of business. Thus, we are proud to say that our people are dedicated and possess the required professional skills in offering continuing assistance to clients coming from a variety of industry sectors.

Teaming with Experts/Specialists

ConnectedSky has gained access to a significant number of experts and specialists around the world, comprising a varied network of audit and accounting firms, law firms, financial and banking institutions and other independent experts.

Consequently, if you are interested in discussing a prospective partnership opportunity with us, please feel free to contact us at info@connectedsky.com

Moreover, in May 2014, ConnectedSky, through its associated law firm C. Samir & Co. LLC, acquired the exclusive rights of SILFA (Staubach International Law Firm Alliance) for Cyprus and as such, it maintains representative offices in:


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