ConnectedSky Breakfast Time

As part of our continuing support to the disadvantaged people of our society, we developed two incentives: to offer free breakfast and free education to people who cannot make the ends meet.

As such, through ConnectedSky Breakfast Time we aim at offering free breakfast to students at primary and secondary education via our dedicated pool of funds collected by and/or through ConnectedSky Foundation.

The following categories of students in Cyprus qualify for the program:

  1. Students from families who receive public assistance due to insufficient income to meet their basic or special needs, as defined by the legislation for public assistance (in other words, families whose income is lower that the guaranteed minimum income (GMI)).
  2. Children who are under the care of a Legal Director of the Social Welfare Department.
  3. Families of three or more children who receive child benefit from the Ministry of Finance.
  4. Children who based on the Relief of Affected Persons Law No. 114/88 fall within the definition of disabled, orphan or dependents of a missing person or a person who died during his service in the National Guard.
  5. Children from families, which suffered serious family incidents and seek financial assistance in order to avoid the risk of breakdown or dissolution of the family (lost their house/suffered dramatic financial loss etc.).

For more information, please send us an email at quoting “ConnectedSky Breakfast Time”.

We understand that ConnectedSky cannot resolve by itself the problem of poverty, however we strongly believe that our contribution to the few today will become a contribution to the plenty tomorrow.

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