Employment Law

Employment law in Cyprus is considered to be more protective to the employee rather than providing absolute freedom to the employer.

The primary instruments for the enforcement of Employment Law in Cyprus are the Ministry of Labor and Social Insurance, the Employment Courts and the District Courts when it becomes necessary.

Furthermore, Employment Law is based on common law. The main legislations governing Employment Law in Cyprus are the following:

  • Annual Paid Leave Law of 1967
  • Equal Treatment at Work and Employment Law of 2004
  • Health and Safety at Work Law of 1996
  • Minimum Salaries Law Cap 183
  • Protection of Maternity Law of 1997
  • Social Insurance Law of 1980
  • The Termination of Employment Law of 1967

An important precondition, regarding Employment Law, is the written and/or oral employment contract which forms the terms of the employment. An employment contract must always contain the below:

  • Identification of the parties.
  • The place of work and the registered address of the business.
  • The position of the employee.
  • The origination date of the contract and its duration.
  • Notice periods.
  • The right of annual leave.
  • All the benefits and/or fees to which the employee may be entitled and the time schedule for their payment.
  • The working hours.

ConnectedSky, can undertake the formation of such contracts, can advise you on the acquisition of a work permit, on possible instances of discrimination in the workplace as well as on the dismissal of an employee if that is deemed unavoidable.

For more in-depth information on our Employment Law experience, please email us directly on info@connectedsky.com.

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