Intellectual Property Law

Cyprus has been developing this area of law along with the rest of the world so as to protect local as well as international Intellectual Property rights.

Intellectual Property is protected in law through patents, copyright and trademarks, all of which enable people to earn recognition or financial benefit from what they invent and/or create. Intellectual Property system aims to adopt an environment in which creativity and innovation can be established.

Cyprus statutory legislation, regarding Intellectual Property, is based on Common Law. Some general principles of the aforementioned legislation are:

  • The Intellectual Property Law 59/76 as amended by Law 63/77 and Law 18/93.
  • The Trade Marks Laws CAP. 268 as amended by Law 63/62, Law 69/71 and Law 206/90.
  • The Patents Law, 16(1)/98.
  • The Partnerships and Trade Names Law, CAP 116.

The international interest in this sector and the constant appraisal being affecting Intellectual Property, have resulted in being an increasingly difficult term to define, although it can be divided in two main categories:

  1. The Industrial Property (i.e Patents, industrial designs, trademarks and trade names).
  2. The Copyright.

ConnectedSky’s main practice areas, on Intellectual Property, include:

  • Registration and renewal of trade marks (including EC Trade Marks and international registration of trademarks through WIPO), patents (national, European and international), industrial designs and copyrights.
  • Search and investigation services.
  • Trade mark watching and violation of services.
  • Intellectual Property arbitration.
  • Trade mark oppositions, cancellations and counterfeiting actions.
  • Litigation on Intellectual Property rights.
  • Valuation of IP rights in assignments, mergers or acquisitions.
  • Counseling on licensing and franchising.

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