Personal Injuries, Torts and Negligence

ConnectedSky’s team of litigators deals with all kind of personal injury cases in Cyprus. Some of our practice areas are listed here below:

  • Work accident and employer's liability.
  • Car/Pedestrian accidents.
  • Medical negligence.
  • Fall injuries.

In the event of an injury, ConnectedSky strongly advises its clients to request a legal consultation in order to understand whose liability has been the injury. In case the injury was not caused from you, you are thereafter entitled to receive compensation for financial losses, pain and/or suffering and mental anguish been experienced as a result of the accident.

In Cyprus, personal injury is based on the doctrine of negligence. Courts understand that many accidents are unavoidable and therefore by using the doctrine of negligence, a court can establish if there is liability. Courts would evaluate and examine all cases, through the reasonable person rule. This regards the plaintiff who must prove that a reasonably careful person in the defendant’s position would have acted under different circumstances in such case. If the Court agrees, that means the defendant was negligent and therefore liable.

There are several types of torts in Cyprus, some of which are:

  • Strict liability: This is where defendants are liable even though they avoided
    doing harm.
  • Defective products: Here, if a product is defective, the manufacturer is
    considered as having acted negligently.
  • Personal injury: Negligent actions, as mentioned above, but as a defense, the
    doctrine of ‘due care’ can be established. This is where the
    plaintiff is accused of not having applied due care in the
    situation making it worse than it would have been if due care
    was applied. This also applies where the plaintiff accepted in
    taking the risks posed to him beforehand e.g. where one
    accepts participating in a dangerous sports event.

We, ConnectedSky, aim to provide our clients with fast track out of court settlements, when applicable. Additionally, we aim to examine and conclude to an accurate picture of the occasion and also to provide you with all necessary guidance for successful claim.

For more in-depth information on our Personal Injuries, Torts and Negligence experience please email us directly on

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