Shipping & Maritime Law

Cyprus is a well-established shipping centre in a very interesting geographical location at the crossroads of prosperous financial regions of three continents. The Merchant Shipping Legislation enacted on 1 January 2010, placed Cyprus in a very competitive position.

Cyprus plays an outstanding role as a leading ship management centre and will continue to strengthen its position in the world’s economy by maintaining and attracting its sound maritime infrastructure, favourable tax regime and competitive ship registration and annual tonnage tax rates.

The tax incentives combined with the aforementioned economic and strategic advantages, along with an excellent infrastructure, present Cyprus as the ideal choice for ship owners, charterers and ship managers.

The tax system is in full compliance with both the EU requirements and also within the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development requirements against harmful tax practices.

ConnectedSky, advises managers, directors, charterers, cargo forwarders and their particular providers and attends to determine corporate, commercial and lawful issues in Cyprus and abroad. Our offshore associates, legal advisors and the well-structured network, which we have managed to develop in various countries, empower ConnectedSky to act towards its clients in many countries, always in a professional manner and towards their best interests.

ConnectedSky is working in a wide range of services including:

  • Yacht registration.
  • Ship registration.
  • Claims for loss or damage to cargo.
  • Cargo and off-hire disputes.
  • Recovery claims.
  • Agreements.
  • Disputes under repairing contracts.
  • Financing and tax planning.
  • Problems relating to the employment.
  • Personal injury claims.
  • Registration of flag.
  • Drafting and review of security documentation

ConnectedSky team always pursues to provide advanced and practical solutions to its clients’ projects and activities in the most efficient and profitable manner, providing legitimate support and suitable administration.

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