The idea behind CYMEBA (Cyprus Middle East Bridge with Africa) is to create a truly global financial, cultural and humanitarian bridge connecting Cyprus, the Middle East and Africa between them and with the rest of the world and vice versa.

Cyprus has been working closely for decades with the countries of the Middle East and Africa on various aspects, and as such our aim is to strengthen the financial, cultural and humanitarian ties between them, in order to assist corporations and private investors to deal with any uncertainties and difficulties around how to successfully work with different business cultures.

Some of the key services of CYMEBA are as follows:

  • Preparing country specific advice and consultation including key elements to remember and to be aware of in each country
  • Acting as front office, middle office, and back office support between sovereign wealth funds of various states or between sovereign wealth funds and private corporations and investors
  • Assisting corporations and private investors from any country of the world to expand their businesses to Cyprus, the Middle East and Africa
  • Assisting corporations and private investors from Cyprus, the Middle East and Africa to expand their businesses in any country of the world
  • Assisting with any business matter regarding governmental and non-governmental projects as well as public tenders
  • Preparation of advanced feasibility studies including strategy planning, legal and financial due diligence and further Implementation
  • Assisting with setting up, managing and supervising humanitarian initiatives
  • Assisting with setting up of events and conferences in order to promote the welfare, business cooperation and cultural awareness between CYMEBA member countries
  • Assisting with organising international campaigns in cases of emergency in order to provide all sorts of humanitarian aid

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