Total area - 455 sq km
Population – 94,677
Political status - Republic
Capital - Victoria
Official language - English, French, Creole
Official currency - Seychellois rupee (SCR)
Time zone - GMT + 4


Basic Information
1. Political Stability1. Good
2. British Based Legal System2.Yes
3. Type of Company3. IBC
4. Migration of Domicile Permitted4. Yes
5. Tax by Jurisdiction on Offshore Profits5. Nil
Corporate Requirements
1. Minimum Number of Shareholders
1. One
2. Minimum Number of Directors
2. One
3. Corporate Directors Permitted
3. Yes
4. Secretary Required
4. No
5. Standard Authorised Capital
5. 100,000 USD
6. Bearer Shares Permitted6. No
Local Requirements​
1. Registered Office/ Registered Agent
1. Yes
2. Company Secretary
2. No
3. Local Directors
3. No
4. Local Meetings
4. No
Due Diligence / Disclosure
1. Due Diligence Required
1. Yes
2. Disclosure of Beneficial Owner on Public File
2. No (*BA)
3. Government Filing of Register of Directors
3. No
4. Government Filing of Register of Shareholders
4. No
Annual Requirements
1. Annual Return
1. No
2. Audited Accounts
2. No
Shelf Companies AvailableNo
Days to Incorporate Companies on Request (Approx.)3-4
Tax Treaties AccessNo

*BA – Only to Registered Agent



  • The Seychelles are a classic tax-free jurisdiction that do not require complicated procedures for company maintenance or annual reporting. The Seychelles is an independent Republic. This means that the legislation is more stable in comparison to colonies or dependent territories that are subject to possible changes of legislation in the head country.
  • The name of a Seychelles IBC company must end with the words "Incorporated", "Corporation", "Limited", or suffixes such as "Inc.", "Corp.", "Ltd.", "GmbH", "S.A.", etc.

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